Our commitment to sustainability

Since our foundation, we have made a valuable contribution to a sustainable and socially responsible coffee industry. We actively support several projects at source, which ensure the preservation of biodiversity in the countries where coffee is grown and strengthen coffee farmers and their families. We are a member of various major sustainability institutions and projects and offer coffee with all the usual certifications.


Our projects at the origin


Reforestation project SEMEAR

The rainforest is a habitat for rare animals and plants, a water reservoir and a livelihood for the local population. For it is these green spaces that are responsible for absorbing carbon dioxide, controlling soil degradation and biodiversity. This is why we are supporting the development of the SEMEAR reforestation and restoration project in Carmo do Paranaíba, Brazil. In addition to planting trees, the project also aims to sensitize the population to sustainable management and protection of existing forest resources.

Movie about the SEMEAR project (on Vimeo)


Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program

We are proud to be part of the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ sustainability programme. This programme supports producers in the country of origin to achieve the best possible results in terms of quality, sustainability and productivity.



Project Pulpa Pyro Peru

Blaser Trading supports the pyrolysis project in Peru, which was initiated by the Eco Center in Langenbruck BL. The waste coffee pulp (fruit pulp) resulting from the washed processing is converted by a pyrolysis process into a valuable mineral fertilizer, which is then returned to the soil. This removes climate-damaging gases such as CO2 or methane from the atmosphere, remineralises and stabilises the soil and thus secures the livelihood of coffee farmers in the long term.


Our certifications and labels


Fairtrade Max Havelaar

We work closely with the Fairtrade Max Havelaar label. The Max Havelaar Fairtrade label stands for products that are fairly traded and produced according to strict social and ecological criteria. These include long-term trading relationships, a minimum price and a Fairtrade premium. The Fairtrade premiums are used to implement various projects by the cooperatives to support the coffee farmers in a variety of areas such as education, health and environmentally friendly cultivation. Thanks to the fair trade conditions, the farmers and workers can thus invest in a sustainable future, from which we all benefit.


RAINFORREST Alliance Certified

The Rainforest Alliance is an international, non-profit organization founded in 1987 that works at the intersection of trade, agriculture and forestry.



Caffè Speciali Certificati (CSC)

CSC - Caffè Speciali Certificati is an association in which a few selected coffee roasters have joined forces with a common goal: The CSC members want to promote the culture of high quality coffee. They have particularly high standards for their coffee products and want to show this to the outside world with a common label. In 2007 we became the first Swiss company to become a member of the Italian organisation.




Blaser Trading AG has been offering certified coffees since the time when organic certification first appeared. We are constantly on the lookout for new organic qualities.

This certification means that only organic fertilizer is used for cultivation and that water, air, soil and plants are treated considerately and sustainably during cultivation.




Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

We pay attention to sustainable and resource-saving consumption in our packaging materials and printed matter. That is why we use FSC-certified and recycled cardboard and paper whenever possible. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) seal identifies products from responsible forestry.



Eco Balance by CAMION Transport

We are committed to sustainability in commercial freight transport. In cooperation with our partner CAMION Transport we try to reduce the environmental impact. By using a dual transport system of road and rail, the ecological footprint can be reduced.


Our memberships


Specialty Coffee Association

The Specialty Coffee Association is a not-for-profit, membership-based organization that represents thousands of coffee professionals, from producers to baristas around the world. All players in the value chain work together to connect and represent the interests of their members. As a member of the Swiss Chapter, we are committed to promoting the conscious consumption and quality of coffee.




Procafé is the association for the promotion of coffee consumption. All member companies process, trade or market coffee or coffee products. As a member of Procafé, we also carry out public relations work on the subject of coffee and inform the population about the various aspects of coffee.


IG Kaffee

IC Coffee Switzerland

The Community of Interest (CI) Coffee Switzerland is an umbrella organisation of the most important organisations involved in the Swiss coffee market, which together fulfil the goal of joining forces to promote the coffee industry for the benefit of all stakeholders. As a member, we are committed to promoting coffee as a product.



réserveSUISSE Mitglied

The réservesuisse cooperative is a self-help organisation of the private sector to organise compulsory stockpiling of food and animal feed in the interests of national economic supply. As a member, we are committed to securing the Swiss national supply of coffee.



Swiss Coffee Trade Association (SCTA)

Switzerland is one of the largest trading centres for green coffee. The more than 40 active members of the SCTA represent a volume of more than 50% of global coffee exports. The SCTA represents the interests of green coffee traders in Switzerland, but is also well networked globally and nationally with other associations and institutions.


Our social commitments

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Golfclub Bern Juniors

We are committed to the promotion of talented junior players at Berne Golf Club and support young talent as patrons so that they can train and make a name for themselves.



Race for Life

The RACE FOR LIFE is a charity bicycle marathon for all those who want to get involved with people affected by cancer in Switzerland. As Team Coffee Racer we participate in the annual marathon and pedal with caffeine against cancer.



Trans Welcome

The trans welcome project encourages trans people and employers throughout Switzerland to apply for a job and/or to come out of the workplace and to take joint steps. We as employers say yes to trans humans. We say trans welcome!